New Book on American Conservatism by CAPPP Director Joel Aberbach

Published by Routledge, Understanding Contemporary American Conservatism examines the power and influence of conservative institutions on the Republican Party:

“The conservative movement is well financed, exerts strong influence in the Republican Party, inspires followers throughout the land, and has spawned a network of think tanks and media outlets that are the envy of its competitors. It is a powerful political force with which to be reckoned. This book examines how that has come about and what contemporary conservatism signifies for US politics and policy.”

Purdue University’s Bert Rockman calls the book “a tour de force of ideological and behavioral change among the American public – particularly on the conservative side of the political spectrum – by one of America’s foremost political scientists.”

The new book follows Professor Aberbach’s 2011 Oxford University Press collaboration with Gillian Peele, Crisis of Conservatism? The Republican Party, the Conservative Movement, and American Politics After Bush.

Understanding Contemporary American Conservatism is available as an e-book as well as in hard cover and paper.

Joel D. Aberbach is a Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Public Policy in the UCLA Department of Political Science.