On March 13th, four experts in American politics and policy will address some of the questions raised by the rise of a nationalist and populist president with an unorthodox approach to governing.

Thomas E. Mann of The Brookings Institution and UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies will speak on Congress and its relationship with the new President.  Mann was named one of Foreign Policymagazine’s  “100 Top Global Thinkers of 2012” for “diagnosing America’s political dysfunction.”

• The Luskin School’s Mark Peterson, who has written extensively about health care politics, policy and economics, will outline the conflicts surrounding several major policy issues, including the reform of Obamacare. His new book project entitled “Hardball Politics, Hobbled Policy: Contexts, Choices, and Consequences in U.S. Health Reform” examines the health care debate over the last 100 years.

• Purdue University and University of Pittsburgh political scientist Bert A. Rockman will address President Trump’s administrative appointments and civil servant-appointee conflicts. Among other honors, Rockman received the Richard E. Neustadt Award for best book on the US Presidency. His current work emphasizes the relationship between leadership and institutions.

Lynn Vavreck of UCLA’s department of Political Science and Communication Studies will focus on the Trump electoral coalition and on media coverage in the age of a tweeting president. Her 2013 book The Gamble was described by Nate Silver as the “definitive account” of the 2012 election.

No reservations necessary. Lunch provided.