Professor Abigail Saguy

Professor Efrén Pérez Named Director of CAPPP

UCLA Professor of Political Science and Psychology Efrén Pérez has been named director of the Center for American Politics and Public Policy by UCLA Dean of Social Sciences Darnell Hunt.

Professor Pérez, who was previously on the faculty of Vanderbilt University, is a political scientist whose work focuses on identity, language, implicit cognition, and racial and ethnic politics. At Vanderbilt, in addition to his position as Associate Professor of Political Science, he was co-director of its Research on Individuals, Politics and Society (RIPS) Experimental Lab.

At UCLA Professor Pérez will continue his research and mentoring of graduate students through the establishment of his new Race, Ethnicity, Politics and Society (REPS) Experimental Lab.

The primary goals of the REPS lab are to incubate research ideas, facilitate data collection, and administer small research grants to graduate students and scholars who are broadly engaged in experimental work, irrespective of substantive focus.

His book Unspoken Politics: Implicit Attitudes and Political Thinking,  published in the prestigious Public Opinion and Political Psychology Series of Cambridge University Press, won two major book awards from the American Political Science Association in 2017, including the Best Book Award from the Race, Ethnicity and Politics Section. Watch Professor Pérez talk about implicit attitudes and political opinion.

For more on Professor Efrén Pérez, visit the UCLA Department of Political Science.