Enya Kuo Joins CAPPP as REPS Lab Manager

CAPPP is proud to welcome Bruin alum Enya Kuo as REPS Lab Manager.

Working closely with CAPPP Director Professor Efrén Pérez, Enya coordinates and does programming for studies, manages subject recruitment, and trains and oversees lab assistants, among other duties.

Enya graduated from UCLA in 2019 with BAs in Psychology and Political Science. In 2018, she received the Dean’s Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Undergraduate Research. Her Senior Honors Thesis, overseen by UCLA Professor Emeritus David O. Sears, looked at “the role of racial triangulation in Asian Americans’ intergroup attitudes.”

Her article, “High-status exemplars and the misperception of the Asian-White wealth gap,” co-authored with Yale University researchers Dr.  Michael W. Kraus and Dr. Jennifer A. Richeson, is forthcoming in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Follow Enya on twitter @KuoEnya