The Research Development Seminar

A CAPPP student presents her research findings to the rest of the seminar.

“The research paper allowed us to really focus in on a topic of our interest, and Professor Desveaux was expert in guiding us along.”

Lawrence Farry

Discover the Excitement of Original Research

The CAPPP Quarter in Washington Program is designed to help students discover the rewards of research in a structured and supportive environment.

The Research Development seminar, numbered M191DC, is the core academic component of  UCLA’s Quarter in Washington Program. This 8-unit, graded course is cross-listed in UCLA’s departments of Political Science, History, Sociology, and Communication Studies.   All UCLA students must enroll in this class.

Support from Research Proposal to Final Paper

The seminar is designed to help students move step-by-step from proposal to research design to paper to final presentation. By the end of the quarter, each student produces an original 20-30 page research paper on a question of their own choosing.

CAPPP students meet together once a week for a three-hour seminar-style class. The seminar is supplemented by work in small groups and one-on-one meetings with faculty.

One-on-One Attention from Faculty

Outside the classroom, students receive intensive one-on-one research and writing guidance from CAPPP’s outstanding faculty: UCLA Political Science Professor James A. Desveaux, and an advanced UCLA graduate student teaching fellow in the social sciences.

Inside the classroom, through readings and discussion, students come together to place individual projects in the broader context of social science research in many fields.

Present Your Research Results

During the final week of the program, every student makes a final conference-style presentation of their research findings to the rest of the class. The presentation helps you refine you argument, defend your findings, and articulate the significance of your work.

At the end of the program, you will have completed a piece of original research that will strengthen your your writing skills, your readiness for graduate studies, and your resumé.

What does the M191DC Research Seminar fulfill?

Political Science Major: Two upper division American Politics courses
Sociology Major: Two upper division electives
History Major: Fulfills the 191 seminar requirement and one upper division elective
Communication Major: Counts for one upper division course
International Development Studies Major: Fulfills research methods course requirement
Human Biology and Society Major: satisfies requirement for “4 units of SOC GEN 195CE, 196, or 199”
• Eight units of UCLA College Honors credit

Additional majors and minors such as Disability Studies, Gender Studies, Chicana/Chicano Studies, Environmental Systems and Society, Labor and Workplace Studies, etc., may grant credit upon petition. For more specific questions about how the Quarter in Washington Program relates to your major or minor, contact the relevant undergraduate counselor.

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“Some law schools wanted to know if I had done any original research, and they wanted me to discuss it in detail. My CAPPP paper fit perfectly.”

Colin Valencia